Client testimonial ~ “I feel so much better”


A lovely testimonial from one client using my newest neurofeedback equipment.. ‘Simba’ .. which is a neurodynamic system, the trial of which started in March. This system really suits some clients, and this woman in particular: She’s cut down to twice a month now and still feeling gooood 😊

“Hello! To briefly say, the neurofeedback has been wonderful. I feel much more even, level, able to cope. There are dips and there have been wobbles but they've turned out to have been digging up some old hurt or anger, which Natasha has helped me to resolve. I'm going to ask my doctor about coming off my medications because I feel so much better. The actual process is incredibly relaxing, like a yoga nidra or a super-charged nap. I look forward to it very much!”

Natasha Wilson